12 Head Glass Vial Forming Machine

Type Simple neck, Screw neck, Lip Gloss and Blow Back
Length: 25mm up to 90mm
Size: 1ml to 30ml
Output: 1100 vials/hr depending on diameter size, shape & quality of glass
Tube Diameter 10mm up to 31mm
Tube Thickness: 1mm up to 1.5mm
Power: 1 H.P motor for plate rotation
1 H.P motor for chuck rotation
Weight: 1300 Gross weight
Dimensions: L- 170cm, W-130cm, H-140cm
  • Additional devices on request for the different type of necks and bottoms available.
  • We also manufacture special devices as per customer’s requirement for vial production of higher length and/or Diameter.
  • Data consumption of Air, Oxygen, Gas & Glass is available upon request.
simple neck
screw neck
blow back

Images of 12 Head Glass Vial Forming Machine